Astarot - Padre de la Niebla

01. Padre de la Niebla I
02. Padre de la Niebla II
03. Padre de la Niebla III
04. La Sadica Monotonia
05. ...Father
06. of the Mist...


Walking in the barren fields of a mind drowning in anxiety... Dissonant sounds in the void, where the abyss observes you... The banished echoes return with frenzy and madness... "Padre de la Niebla" is 13th Full length of Astarot. Anxiety, loneliness, depression and death lurking under the cloak of fog... Raw Atmospheric Black Metal / Dark Ambient from Mexico. For fans of Striborg, Xasthur,I Shalt Become, Kanashimi, Trist, etc.


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