Askeesi - Genetic Grief

01. Cernunnos-God Of Nature (Intro)
02. Where Do My Ravens Fly?
03. In The Name Of The Mountains
04. Stolen Life (Siberia)
05. ანატორის აკლდამები (Tombs Of Anatori)
06. Calm Before The Tempest
07. Ancient Existence
08. Genetic Grief
09. Useless
10. Monotonous Sounds Of Emptiness


"Genetic Grief" - this is an album about people who undergo emptiness and despair. People who try to get away from the lifeless reality and find shelter in the woods, with rocks and rivers. Nature, which also seems to have isolated itself from the world like a hermit, with its asceticism and mysticism unselfishly makes you feel that you are still alive. This is an album about sorrow that has no reason and comes out of nowhere and is the genetic legacy of our ancestors. Ancestors who went through countless wars, diseases and tragedies with the Caucasus Mountains looking down at them. All this is endlessly reflected in us through the blood, through the genetic code.


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