Zdań - Pakuty

01. Daroha Ŭ Nikudy
02. Smierć Sucišyć Bol
03. Jak Žyć Dalej
04. Nie Smiej Siabie Zabivać
05. Hety Sviet Zvarjacieŭ
06. Staryja Rany


PAKUTY is the pain of the soul inside the human body. The human soul realizes that the world around us seems to have faded. People do terrible things that cause great sadness. Everyone has faced horrible situations and seen them around. Terrible memories come again and again and bring new difficult experiences. Life is seen as a way to nowhere by a person who understands that there is no way to improve the situation.
A person can laugh, rejoice and not betray his difficult inner state to others.

The album was created between 2017 and 2021.


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