LUX - embed

01. Fragment
02. Ladder Angels
03. Flare
04. Eve
05. Beam
06. You Are a Star
07. Sink
08. Gaze
09. Tomber
10. Depart


Lux, latin for “light” and the unit for illuminance is a one-man project by G. which plays a unique style of post-black metal taking influence from blackgaze and depressive black metal. What started as a side project of G. 's band Oblivion, this sound has evolved into Lux’s first full length, “Embed” which is an introspective journey exploring feelings of despair, sadness and heartbreak but with a definite sense of hope and promise. Lux hopes to take the listener into this specific soundscape and offers solace for a tortured and frail mind on route to the non-self and eternal belonging.


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