Profundae Libidines - Procès de Sorcellerie

01. Le pacte d'Urbain Grandier
02. Le sort de taciturnite
03. Anthoina Tornier
04. Nyzette de Cheveron
05. Visions I
06. Les enfants de Veith-Pratzer
07. Marie de Sains
08. Les fleaux de Dieu
09. Veronica
10. Visions II
11. Mere et fille (outro)


With “Procès de Sorcellerie”, PROFUNDAE LIBIDINES (translated to “The Abyss of Passions”) continues its work on the absurdity of human nature, passionate yet so vain. This new release focuses on the incomprehensible hysteria of the witchcraft trials that occurred in Europe and especially France, around 1600.


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