Coldnight - Celestial Sepulchral

01. Celestial Sepulchral
02. Awful Abyss
03. The White Crow
04. Altar of Suicides
05. Lake of Dead (Ft Fernando Politte)
06. Last Tears
07. Water Stone Tomb
08. Hymn of Eternal Distress
09. The Beyond


Celestial Sepulchral is the second Full-length of the project Coldnight, this album is a summary of writings found in the corpses of suicides on The Waterfall of Tequendama; recorded from 2014, 1. Celestial Sepulchral is a story starting from the poems and letters written (the wish of commit suicide); 2. Awful abyss is the second song, where the suicidals watch the abyss wanting to jump in death melodies; 3. The white crow is the same soul floating in the air, represented in a white crow; 4. Altar of Suicides is a hymn of departure, is the place where suicidals jump a poem to “the stone of suicidals”; 5. Lake of Dead is a poem dedicated to the lake that suicidals see into the deep abyss. 6. Last tears is the song for the moment to jump, the portal to death; 7 Water Stone Tomb, is the place where the soul rest in peace; 8 Hymn of Eternal Distress is a song for the lost souls that have jumped into the waterfall; The Beyond, the story will continues. Coldnight is Angela P. Coldnight all music, lyrics, design and voices.


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