Beyond Light - Paintings In The Hall

01. Blind But Drawing
02. Painted Memories
03. Beneath The Horizon
04. Her Broken Face
05. Her Cold Hands
06. No Rest (Not Even In My Dreams)
07. Leave Me Alone
08. Coming Back At Last
09. Overflowing Fragments
10. Inevitable
11. Tempest Of Light


A concept album about a man having gone blind lost all he really cared for. Now living alone in his house full of long depressing hallways, the only way to relieve his mind is to paint his memories. But as he slowly expresses his inner most distress, the memories become all too real. Eventually the haunted past ends in a blazing tempest of light consuming all. This second album of Beyond Light written within an atmospheric / depressive black metal genre includes influences from both rock, progressive and doom genres. This album is a whole, rather than a collection of songs, dragging in the listener to experience the haunted past together.


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