Epitimia - Memories, Devoured by Noise and Echoes

01. Overture
02. Chapter I - The moment of the last spring
03. Chapter II - Penance
04. Chapter III - Shine of Algol
05. Chapter IV - Halfway to Eternity
06. Chapter V - Jamais Vu
07. Chapter VI - Lethe


Compilation Full-length!!! The first compilation after 6 years of existing from Russian atmospheric/post-black metal band Epitimia. It consists of fully re-recorded and re-arranged material, so it is not inferior to band's full-lengths in importance. All the material was rethought and is more closer to Epitimia's last works. So, it is powerful, post-rock-oriented atmospheric black metal with various types of vocals. Beautiful artwork was done by Denis Mati and Alex from Mayhem Project.


- Sample -