ColdWorld - The Stars Are Dead Now

01. This Empty Life
02. Hate
03. Cancer
04. Suicide
05. The Old Ghost In The Well
06. Dead Stars
07. Ragnarök


Georg Börner, the man behind ColdWorld, displayed a good deal of confidence in the emotive power of his full length debut when he decided to title it Melancholie² has last work. While on the surface, the album displays lots of sorrow, angst and moodiness, it all feels contrived and unconvincing. Melancholie² feels like having a funeral when no one has died or run away train to kill your self to live. Categorically, ColdWorld is best described as depressive post-black metal. The music displays a decent amount of Norwegian influence (especially Burzum), but there are a number of dissonant, dreary passages that recall Xasthur. From post-rock, there are many of moments of icy dreaminess that hint at Sigur Ros and clean guitar leads similar to those of Explosions in the Sky. A number of soundtrack style ambient passages round out ColdWorld’s sound. However great news is that ColdWorld ready for new EP and its going to kill your dead mind. The depressive flavor seems like an obvious variation, but for some reason, ColdWorld is one of the few bands that can actually make it sound great. This is Japanese Edition.


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