Aversion to Mankind - Suicidology

01. Exordium
02. Shrouded In Thorns
03. Suicidology
04. The Worst Is Yet To Come...
05. Near life Experience
06. Tripolarity

Apotheosis (Bonus Track)
07. Nichts
08. Sterbehilfe
09. Dead Words
10. Apotheosis


To all those who look to hear a black metal with a new spirit but without harming the classic sound and with an atmosphere that elevates to the highest levels, Aversion To Mankind is the answer. Suicidology is the first full length of this one man project by S. (Ex Hopeless) that incorporates different styles and sounds in every song to get a unique style. Suicidology comes with the Ep Apotheosis as bonus tracks, two masterpieces in one, a reliquary you must have!


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