Atheria - Echo From Another Kingdom & Spectral Regression

Chapter 1
01. Hypervorea
02. Bridge To The Castle
03. Orama
04. Wandering Below The Astral Light
05. A Desolate Journe
06. Reaching The Immortal Kingdom Of Death

Chapter 2
07. Vandring I Ljust Morker
08. Neverending Hypnos
09. Spectra Aurora
10. A Slow Blaze
11. Last Chapter - Agony


This release is which united "Echo From Another Kingdom" and "Spectral Regression".
Echo From Another Kingdom is Released 2012 by Depressive Illusions Records.
Spectral Regression is Released 2013 by Self-Released (Bandcamp Only).

Chapter 1
This EP has been classified into Dark Ambient more then Metal by some. By others as Medieval Black Metal, by other Blackgaze. Phosphorus was heavy influenced by Ambient on this EP. The EP is rather more Dark Ambient then Black Metal. Even though it got a Ambient Black Metal vibe, it is more in Ambient style.

Chapter 2
Music written and recorded by the spring of 2013. Phosphorus decided ha wanted to add another vocalist to this release - and specifically that is Climaxia of the Italian band Melencolia Estatica.
The theme of the EP follows in the same sense of the first, it is Phosphorus mind into the Personal Aspects, the Astral World, Nostalgic Senses and also Personal and Mythological themes as well.


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